Pop-Ups with Antea Amoroso | Antea Amoroso Designs

Looking for a way to spoil your clients and create a memorable and buzzworthy event?

Host an in-store lettering experience with Pop-Ups from Antea Amoroso.

Our in-store events are perfect for you if you’re looking to:

  • Host a customer appreciation event to drive sales and increase traffic
  • Add a little flair to a holiday event
  • Push new products 
  • Move old inventory
Every Pop Up with Antea Amoroso includes:
  • A minimum of 2-hours of in-store custom, complimentary hand lettering services for your customers
  • Pre-event promotion on Antea’s Instagram (20k followers) and Facebook (3.8k followers) pages — as well as in our monthly email newsletter and on our website
  • Free gift and exclusive discount code for your customers
  • Raffle item of your choice from the Antea Amoroso Designs shop

We do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to promotion and setup — all you need to provide are the items you want us to letter, a 6 ft table, a chair, and a designated parking spot for Antea. We’ll cover the rest.

Want more information on hosting an in-store pop-up event at your store? Click here to download our flyer — or email us at orders@anteaamorosodesigns.com.