About | Antea Amoroso Design

I believe that thoughtful, handmade gifts out last those last-minute ones bought on sale at a big box store.

And I feel like maybe I'm not the only one.

Hi. I'm Antea Amoroso!

Wife to my best friend (and high school sweetheart!) and mother to two humans (Liv and Dom) AND two pups (Ellie and Gus).

My husband, Dave, and I are true townies. We were both born and raised in Reading, MA and swore we’d pack up, leave town and never come back – but here we are; raising our little family right here in Reading.

I spend my days in my home studio (AKA my glammed up garage) creating the type of handmade goodies that make your gift the talk of the shower and make your seasonal mantle decor the talk of the town.

When I’m not elbow deep in making — I spend alllllll my free time with my family.

And it’s just the way I like it.

Our Story

Antea Amoroso Designs began back in 2011 — the very same year Dave and I got married. I was working as a florist and spent ALL OF MY FREE TIME hand making decor, signage and more for our wedding. It was a total dream come true and, as a creative, the kind of project I loved throwing myself into.

After our big day, I was overwhelmed (in the best way possible!) with requests from family and friends asking to borrow my pieces for their events. It was only then that the thought occurred to me...

If the floral shop I work out rents out vases for weddings and events — why wouldn’t people pay to rent hand-lettered signage too?

As it turns out — this was 100% the missing piece in the events industry — so I filled it.

I spent the next 9 years building my little signage rental business into one of the top preferred vendors at the most popular wedding venues throughout New England.

And then — 2020 happened.

What was supposed to be my busiest wedding season yet with 220 clients suddenly came to a jarring halt.

Enter Covid-19.
Enter government mandated shutdowns.
Enter postponed (or cancelled) weddings.

That list of 220 clients? It dropped down to just about a dozen for the year.

I quickly realized two things:

My love for creating and hand lettering was not going to go away even if events were — and I needed to pivot.

Within a matter of weeks, I had a website up and running and started selling hand lettered signs and seasonal decor to keep my business afloat during the Covid-19 crisis.

As my products quite literally flew off the shelves — my sweet little boutique quickly expanded to move beyond personalized decor and include apparel, accessories, and so much more.

As 2020 progressed — I was shocked at how I felt the same fulfillment creating for my online boutique as I had when I was creating wedding signage.

A part of me felt like I got so much time back while another part of me felt like I got my groove back.

Eventually, I came to the decision to completely shift gears, close my books for my rental business, and focus solely on creating high quality handmades for you and for them.

This is the new Antea Amoroso Design — and I'm so glad you're here.