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Dom's Art Print Sticker

Dom's Art Print Sticker

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These 3.59" x 4.33" Custom Die-cut Stickers are perfect for your laptop, skateboard, bike, kids’ lunch boxes, mugs, notebooks, car and more! High quality vinyl stickers that are microwaveable and dishwasher safe! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Dom’s Kindness Project:

When my kids ask me what’s going on in the world they live in, it breaks my heart trying to find the words to describe it to them while protecting their little minds. I don’t have all the right answers, I wish I knew the perfect solution. But there is one thing I know I can do, and that is to raise them right. Teach them how to be respectful. To love with an open heart. To work hard and stay humble. To be kind, always.

I can help by raising the next generation to be better and do better than what they are witnessing so young.

My son Dom is a budding artist, enrolled in pottery, art and dance class. He expresses his good heart in the form of art and I love him for that! Yesterday he painted this painting for his Uncle (belated Christmas gift) and asked to sell it on my website, to be like his Mom😭 I agreed, and he also agreed to donate the money raised to give back to a special place I had in mind.

A place that believe that all kids deserve a safe, fun and supportive community. That nurtures, values and inspires our young people. Helps to build usable skills, enhance self esteem and promote a culture of high expectations.

We need to be a better example for those little minds who are watching and learning from our every move. For only $5, you can download Dom’s art print on my website and help him raise money for the the Boys & Girls Club of America! Print it share it do whatever makes you happy! And remember, in a world where you can be anything be kind♥️

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