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Canvas Easter Bunny Bag

  • $22.00

The bag-style bunny ear tote offers a unique alternative to a traditional Easter basket! The ivory white tote is simple but cute, with two long ears on either side of the bag made of the same polyester canvas cloth and includes dual carrying handles! Hand lettered names can be added to the bag in black ink as well!

The bunny ear design tote bag makes it an ideal Easter gift basket for people of all ages! It can be used as a container for collecting treats and goodies on Easter egg hunts and can be filled with a variety of Easter gifts, both chocolate and non-chocolate. Additionally, its reusability make it suitable for passing down as a special family tradition throughout the years.

Want this personalized? It’s included! Let t us know what you would like your bag to say in the "Personalization notes" box and Antea will hand letter and engrave a name or phrase of your choice for you! Please includes correct spelling and design notes in the Personalization Box, thank you! 

Specifications •9" (L) x 3' (W) x 11" (H) Handle Height = 6.5" •95% polyester 5% cotton